Statues in Downtown Holland

From stoic to joyful, thoughtful to whimsical, the downtown Holland area holds a little surprise for everybody; life-sized statues gracing the streets and parks of the city.

Made from bronze, concrete, and even recycled scrap metal, the statues around Holland serve as a representation of everything about Holland; the people, the spirit, and the history of a town founded by hard-working Dutch immigrants which has, throughout the years, developed into a town rich with culture and personality.

 Many of the statues you'll find depict some of the cherished moments that many of us experience throughout life. In the courtyard of Freedom Village, for example, an adorable elderly couple sits on a park bench. The woman sits, reminiscing about a love that has clearly carried the couple throughout the years and into old age, while the man sits next to her, providing (both literally and figuratively) someone to lean on. On 8th Street, a group of children gather around to raise and pledge allegiance to the American flag. Wide-eyed and enthusiastic, they are only beginning their journey towards understanding what exactly that flag represents.

So next time you find yourself wandering the cozy downtown Holland area,  make sure to keep your eyes open for these downtown treasures. Head down 8th Street and enjoy the musicians who sing and play in Alpenrose Park (listen can hear music!) or stroll down River Avenue and have a seat next to Benjamin Franklin as he looks over the Declaration of Independence. Either way, there is something for everybody!