Discover Saunders Family Bakery


Grown from the love of quality baked goods, Saunders Family Bakery sources local, fresh ingredients for their menu, making their products both delicious AND processed responsibly. Saunders processes all of their own fruit and gluten free flour in house and enusres the freshest and healthiest ingredients in their pasteries and breads. Serving everything from donuts and cookies, to breads, and even french macaroons, Saunders offers an extremely large selection for individual orders as well as larger pre-ordered and even catering requests. In fact, Saunders creates the pretzels and pretzel buns that are served at Big Lake Brewery in downtown Holland! 

If you or a loved one suffer from food allerigies that would otherwise prevent you from enjoying baked goods - you are in luck! Suanders has the largest selection of fresh baked goods and breads that are gluten-free, coconut flour free, nut free, dairy free, and vegan. 

If you are a coffee lover, check out the full drink menu featuring Three Avocados coffee. But don't restrict yourself to only coffee-in addition to espresso, and latte's tea and Kombucha are also available!  

Saunders Family Bakery exists to serve great pastries to all our community. Stop by today and fulfill your local pastry and coffee cravings!


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