Siri Thai Kitchen

301 N River Ave
Holland Twp, MI 49424
  • Vegetarian-/Vegan-Friendly
Siri Thai Kitchen offers the most authentic Asian food in Holland, MI. Siri Thai Kitchen’s cuisine has been served in our Thai family kitchen for generations. Sure we’ve blended in a little multicultural cuisine along the way, but that’s okay. What cuisines in our close knit global community can say they have not let others influence them? As a whole though, we are proud to claim the most authentic Asian food menu in Holland, MI. We’re sure that you would say the same. Come and have lunch or dinner with us and you will not be disappointed. Thai food should be a balanced, detailed, and eclectic menu. We must use many detailed elements to create this balance. That is why with just a simple item, like that of chicken, we want you to experience the texture, color, and aroma of the bird, as well as the flavor. The flavor should not be overwhelming in any one direction, but should make you eager to ponder the many directions it want to take you. From that single item, we add layers of complexity that bring it to a delightful voyage into the authentic tastes of the asian palate.