Stop and Taste: New Holland Brewing Co.

Working for New Holland Brewing Co. is one of those jobs that sounds cushier than it actually is. Although, at the end of the day we make beer and spirits and I have to admit, it's a pretty great gig.

 When I decided to shift from working as a freelance writer to devoting my time to a single company, I knew it would have to be a remarkable brand. Yes, New Holland makes unbelievably good beer and spirits - but it was a three-word campaign that made me realize I'd made the right move.

Recently, we kicked off what we call our Stop & Taste campaign.

At the core - it is a simple premise - Stop (whatever you're doing that is keeping you from being fully present) and Taste (all that life has to offer.) That can be as simple as Stopping texting and Tasting your craft beer. Or it can be as big as Stopping negative thought and Tasting all that is beautiful in your life.

What I love about Stop & Taste is that it contains verbs, not adjectives. It's not a campaign about us that describes how awesome we are as a company. It's about our customers, our fans, our friends. It's promoting a lifestyle that we think actually makes life better. And it doesn't come from a preachy place. We have as much to learn from this campaign as anyone.

So, you'll start to see some changes around the downtown Pub. We've tried to keep televisions turned off, unless there's a special request, so people can talk to one another over their meals. We've put a lot of effort into creating a beer garden where people can go to enjoy the sun on their backs and a cold pint of handcrafted beer. There are other changes coming down the road that we hope will let people experience the simple joy of sitting down with one another and making memories.

We hope folks will come down to the Pub for a drink and a meal or visit us for a tour of our facilities at our Production Campus - we love what we do and want to share it with the world. But more than that - we hope that we can all make an effort to slow down, take a breath and - even if just for a moment - Stop & Taste.

To see Stop & Taste in the words of New Holland employees and customers - check out our video here.