Magic at the Mill, Holland, Michigan’s newest holiday tradition. Dressed up in a thousand LED lights, Windmill Island Gardens boasts one of the most beautiful holiday light experiences in West Michigan. So, if you go to Magic at the Mill, what is the most efficient way to explore?

MATM Scozolino Ornament

After purchasing your tickets online and arriving at the front gate, have your ticket scanned and say hello to the greeters wearing their light up ornament necklaces. Feel free to take your picture underneath the entry ornament! There are three of these ornaments located on the campus. Make your way through the wooden gate to the Post House where you can meet Sinterklaas, have your photo taken, and get a free flashlight for the kids! Be sure to be on the lookout for Delft on a Shelf! There are four Delft items hidden within the indoor activities on the campus.

MATM Sinterklaas

After meeting Sinterklaas, you can exit into the gardens where you will be greeted with beautiful twinkle lights hanging from the trees (another great photo opportunity). Make your way across the gardens to the Dutch Village shops where you can shop and explore what’s inside!

Cross the bridge to get a closeup of Windmill Island Garden’s authentic Dutch windmill, DeZwaan. Then, make your way to see the light show in the tulip field. This light show runs for 10 minutes, with a one-minute-long intermission between each of the four songs. The tulip blossom LED’s will dance to synchronized holiday music on a loop for the entire night! You can’t miss it.

MATM Scozolino photo op

After viewing the light show, you can head into the Pavilion where snacks and hot chocolate will be available for purchase from the Dutch Village and the Village Baker. There are two photo opportunities for you and the kids there as well! After eating snacks, taking pictures, and warming up with some hot chocolate, get back out there and take more pictures at the Gazebo with DeZwaan in the background. Stop at the authentic Dutch street organ where you can listen to holiday music and learn more about its history.

Don’t forget to stop at the Kids Corner in the Conservatory where you can decorate a variety of wooden ornaments, hop on the Carousel for a spin, and on your way back to your car, stop at Waffle Stix food truck for some delicious gourmet waffles.

Magic at the Mill has something for everyone and is a great way to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones. From exploring the beautifully decorated gardens, to posing with the various photo opportunities scattered about the grounds. From sipping hot chocolate & munching on some delicious snacks or gourmet waffles on a stick, to standing in awe of the brightly lit tulip blossoms dancing to holiday music. This event is sure to warm your heart and leave you wanting to come back for what is in store next year.

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