Snow doesn’t seem to stick to the streets or sidewalks in Downtown Holland, Michigan…that’s because we don’t want it to! Did you know Holland has the largest publicly owned, municipal Snowmelt system in North America? Holland, Michigan’s snowmelt system has been in place since 1988, keeping our downtown streets and sidewalks snow-free for 35 years. How cool (or should we say warm?) is that!

Here’s a summary of how it works: Holland’s, snowmelt system is hydronic, meaning that approximately 4,700 gallons of water gets pumped through the system every minute to ensure that our downtown is snow & ice free.

Our system is a closed one, with its beginning & end at the Holland Energy Park.  Waste heat is captured from power generation that in turn, provides the hot temperature needed to warm the water that runs through more than 120 miles of piping placed underneath the streets and sidewalks. The water itself is heated to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, and can melt one inch of snow per hour, even with up to 10 mph winds. It’s both functional AND eco-friendly! As you’re wandering around our downtown sidewalks shopping our local shops and boutiques, or walking to any of our delicious restaurants or coffee shops, pay close attention to the sidewalks, there is a stark difference between the areas that are and are not snowmelted. Watch for steam rising off the pavement to see snowmelt at work!

Snowmelt in Holland make the winters a breeze.  No worries about drudging through the snow or salt lined streets. Enjoy a jog, walk your pup, or simply enjoy shopping storefront to storefront without worrying about slipping and sliding or getting your feet wet! Take in the beauty of the snow as it falls around you instead of worrying about slipping on your next step.

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